KeyStone Production

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Logo descriptions by Grig2007

Background: KeyStone Production was a sister company of Yellow, Black and White, formed in 2011.


KeyStone Productions.png

Logo: On the white background, the "Y" letter zooming out. Then, the "PRODUCTION" black bar sliding with background changes from white to dark white, followed by the rest of letters to form company name. Then the probe-like shape appears on the top of "Y" letter, and background stops on the white background.

Technique: Simple effects.

Music/Sounds: The probe sounds, followed by type machine-like sound and another probe sound.

Availability: Ultra common. Shown on Kitchen (Кухня) and its spin-off, Eleon Hotel (Отель Элеон), starting with its first episodes. Also seen on some Yellow, Black and White holding shows produced by that company (some of them haven't got that logo). This logo debuted in 2012, along with the infamous Kitchen series. It's easy to find on STS Russian channel, when TNT network haven't got KeyStone shows (some has in-credit notice). Shows are starting with Yellow, Black and White logo, followed by this logo; which is used as a print and on-screen logo currently.

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