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1st Logo

(1997-June 25, 1999)

Logo: On the live-action footage we see a KVPT rotating the letters is font then PRESENTATION text. The font is rotating and the word is PRESENTATION or PRESENTS fades in.

Technique: The rotating

Music/Sounds: A 3 note tune, similar to WKNO Memphis jingle.

Availability: Seen at the beginning KVPT shows.

2nd Logo

(June 26, 1999-2002)

Logo: On the purple background we see a Valley Public Television text zooming in then KVPT sliding in then the logo was shines.

Technique: The shining

Music/Sounds: The same as 3 note tune in 1997 logo

Availability: Seen at the beginning KVPT shows.

3rd Logo


Logo: On the green background we see a tree has a valley pbs text the P-Head logo stays here.

Technique: The animation circles

Music/Sounds: A 1 note orchestral tune over the 18Thirty Entertainment logo

Availability: Seen at the end Outside with Greg Aiello.

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