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Descriptions by
logoman94, Kai The Logo Guy (The PBS-ST Archives)


KLCS first signed on the air on November 5th, 1973. They serve Los Angeles, California and are the 5th most watched Public Television station.

1st (Known) Logo (1970's?-1980's)

Logo: Over a space background, two searchlights, the left one being green and the right one being blue, wipe in. They both move towards the other side of the screen and back and fade out. Before they fade out, "KLCS" zoom in from the center of the background, to the top. A trail of pink, blue, and green triangles starts as the searchlights fade out. "Los Angeles" zooms in below "KLCS" and the words shine.

Variant: On "IT Figures", the TV Show's logo zooms in inside a yellow border over a black background. Towards the midst of the searchlights animation, the logo fades out.

Technique: The searchlights, the words, and the triangles.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme.

Availability: Ultra rare, considering few stores have KLCS shows.

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