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KFRE-TV, virtual channel 59 (UHF digital channel 36), is a CW-affiliated television station serving Fresno, California, United States that is licensed to Sanger. This station is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, and formerly named "KMSG-TV".


1st Logo (1985-1988)

Logo: On a navy blue background, we see a black box zooms to the center that contained a lot of line and the "59" number. Then, the number "5" and the number "9" in white, both simutaneously fly to the right and the left of the screen, and flip in to form the number "59" and fill in the number "59" in the box. As the same time as the number "5" and the number "9" flips in to form the "59" number, we see the word "Stereo" and the word "Vision" in purple also fly to the top right and the top left of the screen, and they also flip in above the number "59" to form the word "StereoVision". Finally, the letters "K", "M", "S", "G", "-", "T", "V" in white appear one by one at the top of the screen, and the word "SANGER-FRESNO" also in white, wipes in below the number "59".

Variants: There's a shorter variant which has the logo cuts the beginning part.

Technique: The zooming, the flying, the flipping and the wiping. Choppy animation for the mid-1980s, but for an independent relegious station, it's expected.

Music/Sounds: We hear nothing for 1 seconds, then we hear a catchy synth-pop tune, with a female chorus singing: "StereoVision, KMSG-TV! Sanger-Fresno!".

Music/Sounds Variants: The shorter variant has the music cuts the silence at the beginning.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: This logo has some very slow and choppy animation for the 1980s, but the catchy jingle kinda makes up for it.


1st Logo (2001-2006)

Logo: On a white background that has many The WB logos without the rectangle, we see the The WB logo in dark blue and the number 59 in yellow simutaneously fly to the center, which lead to the The WB logo flies to the top left of where the number 59 flies to, to create their branding at the time, "WB 59". And under them is the word "KFRE/ SANGER-FRESNO" wipes in.

Technique: The flying of the The WB logo and the yellow number 59 and the wiping in of the word below them.

Music/Sounds: A male announcer saying: "Good morning and welcome to another broadcast day of KFRE, WB 59, Sanger-Fresno"

Availability: Extinct.

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