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Descriptions by
Kai The Logo Guy (The PBS-ST Archive) and CampingRamen

Captures by
Kai The Logo Guy (The PBS-ST Archive), CampingRamen, Alien Wario, and Alden Moeller Inc.


KAKM started broadcasting on May 7, 1975. It is the flagship station of Alaska Public Television, since it replaced KAKM in 2012.

1st (Known) Logo (1978?-1990?)

Logo: On a background with a bunch of different colored "7"s (which is KAKM's logo), we see the following text:

K67AY Bird Creek
K05FW Girdwood
K12LA Kenai, Soldotna
K48AC North Kenai
K05FU Sutton

Variant: There is a variant that does not have the list of translators, instead having the text "KAKM Anchorage" in the same font as the list of translators in the middle of the screen.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: An announcer saying "Public Television for South Central Alaska, this is KAKM channel 7 Anchorage."

Music/Sounds Variant: An unknown song playing with an announcer saying, "You're watching KAKM, Channel 7, public television in Anchorage."

Availability: Extinct. Used as a station ID at the time.

Legacy: This is a very rare station ID, considering it is Alaska Public Television from the 1970s. It is also a logo that was used 3 years after they signed on the air.

2nd (Known) Logo (Late 1980's/1990-1994)

Logo/ID: On a blue gradient background with a large 7, the words "KAKM Anchorage", with 'KAKM' larger and directly above 'Anchorage', slowly zoom in.

Variant: There is a variant that has the logo still with the text from above instead placed above the 7. At the bottom of the 7 in script-like text reads "The channel of choice."

Technique: For the main logo, the zooming of the text. The variant is still.

Music/Sounds: An announcer saying: "The channel of choice. Channel 7, Anchorage."

Music/Sound Variant: A piece of "Dreamin'" by George Benson and Earl Klugh with an announcer saying: "You're watching KAKM, Channel 7, Anchorage."

Availability: Uncommon. It appears on most programs aired by the company during this logo's run, and is preserved on AAPB prints of said programs.

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