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K/O Paper Products (also known as Kurtzman/Orci Paper Products) was an American film and television production company founded by screenwriters Alex Kurtzman (who also owns his sole company Secret Hideout) and Roberto Orci in 2004. They are best known for their work on the CBS shows Hawaii Five-0 (the 2010 series, which used the number "0" in place of the letter "O") and Scorpion. In 2016, the duo announced the end of their partnership, effectively rendering the company defunct; this logo remained on use on their series that were still running until Hawaii Five-0 ended in 2020.

(September 20, 2010-April 3, 2020)

Logo: We fade in as we see words in a typewriter font on white background. The view is pulling back to reveal a script being written on a typewriter with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci's hands typing. They stop for a bit as the hand on the left pushes the shift key to the right as the words "K/O PAPER PRODUCTS" in a light brown-ish font fade in and the hands resume typing.


  • On TV shows, the logo is shortened with the logo already formed and just the hands typing.
  • On Scorpion, the logo is squished and shares the screen with the Blackjack Films logo.

Technique: The camera pulling back, the typing, and the name fading in. This was done by John Frost.

Music/Sounds: Typing sounds and ding sound with the opening theme. The shortened version just has the typing and ding sounds though originally it was silent. Sometimes the end theme plays over it.

Availability: Common. Seen on People Like Us, Now You See Me and its sequel, Now You See Me 2, Hawaii Five-0, Transformers: Prime, the 2013 Sleepy Hollow series, Matador, Scorpion, and the 2015 Limitless series.

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