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Logo: We see the Morning in a Pine Forest painting fade in, and a short time later, we zoom in onto the painting as it morphs into a gold circle on a black background, which contains a close-up of a brown bear inside. As two red ribbons emanate from the top of the circle, a gold spark appears above the circle, forming the words "СОВМЕСТНОЕ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЕ" (Russian for "JOINT VENTURE"). Two more red ribbons emanate from the bottom of the circle as the words "FILMPOTREBSOYUZ PICTURES" appear below the circle, morphing into its Russian translation, "ФИЛЬМПОТРЕБСОЮЗ ПИКЧЕЗ" upon getting close to taking up the bottom third of the screen. After a few seconds, as an obvious parody of the MGM lion, the bear roars, grabs the circle, and throws it towards the bottom of the screen, upon which the circle explodes, revealing a red background that displays the title of a Капитан Пронин episode.

Technique: The Morning in a Pine Forest painting zooming in and morphing into the circle and bear, the formation of the ribbons and text, and the circle being thrown by the bear and exploding.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic fanfare, which stops as the bear roars.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen before the Russian parody cartoon series Капитан Пронин (Captain Pronin), which has only four episodes that aired as part of an anthology program between 1992 and 1994.

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