Jan Bergman Mediaproduktion

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(March 23, 1990-April 28, 2001)

Jan Bergman Mediaproduktion logo.jpg

Logo: A very modeled filming camera rotates very slowly sideways on whatever the background is (black-blue-gray or sepia). And when it stops at the viewer, the text "JAN BERGMAN" on white, moves from the left side of the screen and stops on the center. The text "MEDIAPRODUKTION" does the same as first text, but only appearing to the right. Finally, the text "presenterar" appears from the left side of the screen. We then fade to black.

Technique: The camera rotating to the viewer, the texts appearing.

Music/Sounds: A trumpet piece with drums which repeats 2 times, with the last note being held with a majestic finish and a drumroll.

Availability: Only seen on Stockholmspärlor.

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