Jaguar Film

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Descriptions by
CML71, and Livin'

Captures by

(1980's - Late 90's?)

Logo: On a blue background we see a yellow orange jaguar with red eyes jumping out and breaking the glass out of an TV screen onto a dark blue and black gradient background, then his head turns. The jaguar growls at us and swings his paw at the screen. Then the background turns white and we see JAGUAR . FILM in a rectangular box underneath a gold "relief" drawing of the jaguar's profile.

Technique: The sound of glass breaking after the jaguar jumps out of the television screen. The jaguar growling and swiping his paw at the screen.

Music/Sounds: A synth/bass drum-like rhythm, then with a synthesized, triumphant jingle, which ends with another synth rhythm.

Availability: Rare. Can be spotted on Jaguar Film releases.

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