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JOEX-DTV is the main callsign of the Japanese TV station TV Asahi. TV Asahi is the flagship station of Nippon All-New Network, and was founded on November 1, 1957 in Tokyo as Nippon Educational Television. The network changed its name to the current one on April 1, 1977.

1st Logo (Startup; April 1, 1977-1987)

Logo: Over live-action footage of mountains at dawn, we see the stacked text "JOEX-TV 10チャンネル テレビ朝日" ("JOEX-TV Channel 10 TV Asahi" in Japanese) in a white font. The text than fades away, and the sky grows redder and brighter. Eventually, the sun slowly begins to rise from behind the mountains. When it's high enough, the 1978-2001 TV Asahi logo (a 3D angular "10") in white appears on its face, before turning red and green. The background then fades to a white background, as the logo zooms in to reach the center of the screen. Finally, the text "テレビ朝日" ("TV Asahi") in red appears below the logo.

Technique: The live action footage, the logo zooming to the center of the screen, the text fading.

Music/Sounds: A brass fanfare which segues into a vibraphone-led orchestral piece when the sun starts to rise. An announcer says "JOEX-TV、10チャンネル、テレビ朝日です。" ("This is JOEX-TV, Channel 10, TV Asahi.") when the text appears.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the first year of the ID's use, the orchestral piece was accompanied by a chorus singing the following lyrics: "人間だから、悩みもあるけど、心の歌は消してはいけない。朝に、は朝の光がにあいのほほえみうかべて うたつてみよう。新顔ですね、なかよくしましょう、新顔ですね、うれしいですね。わが家の友だち10チャンネル、テレビ朝日。" ("I'm a human being, so I have some worries, but I shouldn't erase the song of my heart. In the morning, let's sing in the morning light with a smile on our face. It's a new face, let's get along well, it's a new face, I'm happy. My friend Channel 10, TV Asahi.")

Availability: Extinct. It was used as a startup for the channel at the time.

Legacy: This ID is well-liked amongst Japanese viewers, mainly due to its music.

2nd Logo (Closedown; April 1, 1977-1987)

Logo: Over a starfield, we see a multicolored flash appearing on the top-right corner of the screen. It then fades out as a white, almost-circular flash fades in and flies toward the left side, before moving down and right. The starfield fades to a black background as many red and white lines rotate around to form a complex shape. The starfield then briefly reappears, only to cut to several blue and green lines twirling around and forming a different complex pattern, after which a square outline formed by white dots zooms out. Several multicolored spinning shapes then start flying around the screen, and the square zooms in. After the shapes spin some more, the square zooms out with a trail, we cut back to the starfield, and the stars fade out as the TV Asahi logo from the time fades in. Finally, the background fades to white and the logo fades out, with the text "JOEX-TV 10チャンネル テレビ朝日" in a red font fading in.

Technique: The shapes flying and spinning around, the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A jazzy sax-led version of the startup's tune, with an announcer saying "JOEX-TV、10チャンネル、テレビ朝日です。" at the end.

Availability: Extinct. It was used as a closedown for the channel at the time.

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