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Logo: On a blue background with lens flares and a spinning globe with silver landmasses, we see a bird of prey, specifically a bald eagle, fly around on the screen before flying towards the bottom-left corner of the screen. We then cut to see the eagle carrying a large, yellow, 3D "J" as it flies towards the bottom-left of the screen again before we cut again to see the eagle still carrying the J, this time at a different angle, as the background fades to a multicolored background coming in blue, pink and yellow. The eagle disappears before we see the letters "J", "E" and "M", in the same stylization as the "J" fly from the top-right of the screen to the bottom-left, and the text "J.E.M.", also in the same stylization, flies in to the middle of the screen as orange 3D text reading "Productions Ltd." rotates in clockwise. As the orange text rotates in, the bald eagle from earlier drops down from the top of the screen before rising just above the aforementioned text.

Technique: The eagle and letters flying and falling, the text spinning. All 3D CG animation.

Music/Sounds: A grand orchestral theme accompanied by whooshing sounds and two descending sounds.

Availability: Seen on at least one film, which is We Are One. It may also appear on its sequel and other movies produced by the company at the time such as the What A Mother... trilogy, Ways of the Heart and its sequel and Under Arrest, though this has not been verified.

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