International Vision Inc.

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(July 25, 1980)

International Vision Inc (1980).png

Logo: On a space background, a pair of abstract "iVi" shapes zoom out, both in the form of a trapezoid and mirrored from each other. When they come together, they spin around once and zoom out more as a red beam of light comes into view. It collides with the bottom "iVi", causing a flash and changing the background to black, the copy disappears, and the remaining "iVi" turns glowing red. "AN INTERNATIONAL VISION INC. PRODUCTION" appears in red, with the name smaller and the former and latter text larger than the rest. The text then quickly disappears as the logo slowly takes up the whole screen.

Technique: The space background, logos coming in and spinning, and the beam of light, all of which appear to be done with chroma key technology. Also, the text is extremely hard to read.

Music/Sounds: A deep whoosh is heard at first before the beam comes in. As it collides with the logo, a deep ding is heard followed by a ominous rising and falling synth note for the rest of the logo.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen only on Ruckus.

Legacy: The deep sounds, dark color scheme, flash, and the logo at the end slowly zooming in will definitely give someone the chills.

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