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1st (known) Logo (1980s)

Logo: Actually, a two part logo: It begins with a globe spinning around on an indigo BG and stopping near Africa. "International Promotions Inc." is typed out letter by letter on the globe. Then, the globe fades away as we get onto the second part: The text "INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS PRESENTERAR" appears on the screen in white. The text splits into four screens on all four sides as various video clips play on each, starting on the top left, then the bottom right, then the bottom left, and finally the top right. The clips are as follows: A hockey match, a boxing match, fireworks over a series of buildings, and a brutal funny car accident.

Technique: The live-action globe spinning on the chromakey BG, and the video clips.

Music/Sounds: The first half consists of the sound of the company's name being typed out in Morse code, while the second half plays an edited version of an upbeat tune with horns called "Give it One", composed by Maynard Ferguson.

Availability: Rare; seen on Swedish PAL tapes, which have also been released in Finland.

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