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International Creative Exchange acquired the Official Films library (and with it, rights to shows such as Peter Gunn and a number of Wolper Productions documentaries, including the original run of Biography) in the late 1980s. They eventually sold Biography to A&E Networks (the producers of the revived Biography series), and sold the rest of the Official library to Liberation Entertainment; Multicom Entertainment Group now holds the rights to the Official library by way of Camelot Entertainment.

(Early 1990's)

Logo: The logo opens with a background of moving clouds in the sky. A rectangular box, representing the letter I, flies into view from the left side of the screen, followed by a shape composed of the left half of a circle and two right quarters of a circle, representing C, from the bottom. This shape settles on top of the box. Finally, three smaller boxes, representing the stems of E, fly in from the right side and settle next to the first box, forming the initials "ICE". The C and stems of E turn black as the letter I illuminates, followed by the C illuminating against the dark boxes, and finally the E illuminates, obscuring the C. The C then appears on top of the IE, colored black. The words "AN INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE EXCHANGE RELEASE" appear below the shapes, and three points on the logo sparkle: The top left corner of the large box, the left side of the small box in the middle, and the top right corner of the small box at the bottom. After a couple of seconds, it fades out.

Variant: On their prints of certain classic TV shows such as Invisible Man, this opening logo is seen, but without any words. There is also a B&W version.

Technique: The shapes flying in, flashing and sparkling, the words appearing.

Music/Sounds: A wind effect at the beginning, whooshing for the shapes flying in, a synth jingle for the shapes changing colors, and sparkling sounds for the shapes sparkling.

Availability: Ultra-rare, now leading onto uncommon. Was seen on the 1991 release of the direct-to-video film Dream Machine; this film has since been re-released on DVD by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. The TV version can be seen on older syndication prints of classic TV shows, such as Peter Gunn, Yancy Derringer, and Invisible Man (newer prints may have this logo plastered with either the Liberty International Entertainment, Liberation, or Multicom logos). ICE added a copyright notice to Biography and some prints of Peter Gunn; this is easier to find than the full logo.

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