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Logo: On a black background, 2 copies of a gold striped triangle with a star cut out of it rotate around the screen, appearing to be on some kind of roller with one copy being flipped. Another rolling triangle, this time being closer to the screen, appears and zooms out before disappearing. After it disappears, another triangle (this time flatter) wipes in from the right side of the screen and zooms out to the center of the screen, resting for a few seconds before zooming in. As this happens, one final copy zooms out from the center of the screen. Below, "INTERCONTINENTAL" and " HOME ENTERTAINMENT" slide in below from the right and left sides respectively below the logo. Both are in a gold Friz Quadrata-like font with underlines.

Technique: What appears to be chroma-keyed rolls, sliding cards, and computer effects/Scanimation.

Music/Sounds: A repeating 2-note synth piano tune plays throughout the logo. When the triangles roll in, a synth drone plays, and a more powerful drone plays for the 2nd, lone rolling triangle. A 13-note synth piano/trumpet tune then plays when the triangle zooms in, which is followed by a quieter version of the 1st 5 notes that end with a bass synth note. A 2-note guitar sound-byte then plays with a high synth note playing after it. It repeats again, then with 4 notes with the 4th overlapping the synth note. The guitar sound-byte then plays again, before finishing it all off with a single percussion hit.

Availability: Very rare. Can be seen on German VHS tapes of Beast You!, Joyride, Ninja Invasion, Gold Warriors, Delta Terror, Police, The Devil's Gift, Hangmen, Cobra Force, Cobra Force II, and Scotia-Cannon releases.

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