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1st Logo (Early-Late 1980s)


Logo: On a black background, a pair of blue, yellow and red streaks wipe over in a swirly way, forming a snail's shell. Then the pink text "INTER VIDEO ESPAÑOLA", which is seen above, among with an orange drawing of a slug with the stalks shaped as antennas, fade in. Then the whole logo fades out, to reveal the fading blue text "presenta". It also fades out.

Technique: The wiping and the fading.

Music/Sounds: Synthesizer sounds.

Availability: Extremely rare. It has been once spotted on From the Life of the Marionettes and The Saint releases.

2nd Video (Mid-Late 1980s)

Intervideoespanola (2).webp

Logo: Over a light blue space background with a few flashing spots, a slightly dark, yellow square instantly appears, and constantly zooms out. Another yellow square, slightly lighter, zooms in inside the slightly dark yellow square. Another square; but rounded, in white with a black outline zooms in behind the yellow square. The two yellow squares then turn into a reflective look, as an animated red, green and blue spiral pattern fades in inside the rounded square. It is seen spinning around, as it slightly wipes out, to form a design of a snail's shell. The slug from before; now in a black color, fades in, and the text "IVE" flashes over one by one in pink, yellow and blue colors. The dots do the same, but in yellow. The letters and the dots are all in yellow, with a black outline. The snail fades out, as the black outlined, blue text "presenta" fades over the rounded square.

Technique: Okay-ish 2D animation, compared to their first logo from above.

Music/Sounds: A UFO-like descending sound, as it segues to a soothing tune.

Availability: Can be spotted on a release of Out of Control. It can also be seen on other releases from that era.

Inter Video Española
IVE International Films
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