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Industrial Brothers is an full-service animation studio company that produces animated shows including Dino Ranch, the 2016 television series Dot, and Top Wing.

(September 6, 2016- )

Industrial Brothers logo.jpg

Logo: On a white background, we see varies of black moving types of mechanic gears flying in towards the screen. Then later it also consists of different equipment (screwdrivers, hardware tools, cutting knives (in different sizes and looks), snippets, propellers, etc.) scatter in all together while the gears led to pour down those materials and it suddenly smashes some of the equipment one by one equivalently which will later become sort of a tincan-esqued robot to represent the company's mascot itself. Big mid thinner layers of various black circles come in passing in and around by the points of view before when the black-colored silhouette robot occurs. The black shadowed robot has a tiny blackbird on his left hand when he forms holding it up in the air then later bends down his whole entire body and his right leg after the circles have left the entire screen. We later see the following text (in a black, fashioned handwritten font):



scribbles neatly and doodles real fast closely into the right side of the logo followed by a person's hand who is holding somewhat like of a thin writing magic pen pointing in towards in the middle of the letters "r", "o", "t", "e" and "r" in the word "Brothers". Then at some point the logo becomes still unless the text fades in slowly.


  • On early episodes of Dot, the logo is placed on a black background; there is a yellow sun ray placed in front of the robot that's placed both on the left side of the screen; nor the design of the robot mascot are in different colors instead of all in black. Also, the logo is still.
  • There is also an in-credit and superimposed version on some shows from the company.
  • There is also an still version of the logo as well.
  • Sometimes, the robot does not appear in the logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Either the ending theme of the TV series, silence, or has it's own tune; Accompanied by eerie noises while the robot is talking nonsense in the BG of the logo, then another with several digital beeps when the circles form in, another is a flashing beep sound playing in it when the robot forms, along with a robotic voice saying out the company name: "INDUSTRIAL BROTHERS!!" in a quick staccato-like speed of motion.

Availability: Current. Seen on Top Wing on TreehouseTV and Nick, Dot on Kids' CBC, Dino Ranch on Disney Junior, and Remy and Boo on Universal Kids. Can also be seen on other new and related content series of shows from Industrial Brothers.

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