Indian Paintbrush

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This is Steven Rales' production company. Although it formed in 2007, it did not use a logo until 2009.

(October 14, 2009-)

Logo: We see a rainbow gradient surface appearing, which later reveals itself to be a paint stroke brushing itself in on a white background. A flock of geese flies out of the streak, before the camera pulls back and the text "INDIAN PAINTBRUSH", also in the paint stroke's colors, fades in below.

Technique: Computer animation. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that someone named Jamie Anderson was involved in production, as they uploaded the logo to YouTube on a channel that resembles a design portfolio.

Music/Sounds: A peaceful fanfare, or none.

Availability: Uncommon. It first appeared on Fantastic Mr. Fox, and appeared on every film from the company ever since.

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