Independent Television Service for Wales and the West

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Not to be confused with American television company Independent Television Service.


This was an interim TV service, set up by ITV between the shutdown of TWW and the launch of HTV.

(March-May 19, 1968)

Logo: On a black background, 4 white bars are seen at the distance. They shoot forward a bit, and the bars become "INDEPENDENT TELEVISION SERVICE" and either "Teledu Cymru" or "Wales & the West" for the last bar, with each appearing one by one and in sync with the music.

Technique: The bars shooting forward, the name appearing.

Music/Sounds: 4 echoing synth notes, starting with 3 ascending, and descending with a lower tone for the last.

Availability: Long extinct. The logo was only used as an ident for a couple of months. There's a flash remake of this logo on

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