Impacto Vision Warning Screen

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Video captures courtesy of
Raro VHS



Warning: We see the following text scrolling up slowly in gold on a teal background, then stopping at the center of the screen:

La difusión y/o emisión y cualquier otra
actividad que implique la duplicación,
representación o reproducción de este
cassette, total o parcialmente, sin el expre-
so consentimiento de IMPACTO VISION,
está terminantemente prohibida.
La realización de cualquiera de esas acti-
vidades, harán incurrir al infractor en las
responsabilidades de las leyes vigentes y
podrá dar lugar a las sanciones previstas
en el código penal.-
Todos los derechos están reservados.

The diffusion and/or emission and any other activity that implies the duplication, representation or reproduction of this cassette, in whole or in part, without the express consent of IMPACTO VISION, is strictly prohibited. Carrying out any of these activities will make the offender incur the responsibilities of the current laws and may give rise to the sanctions provided for in the penal code. - IMPACTO VISION All rights reserved.

Technique: The scrolling up slowly and stopping.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Unknown. It was most likely seen on Argentine VHS releases from the time.

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