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Imagen Death is a Spanish fanzine founded by Javier Perea. It was initially published as XacatraX until was renamed to Imagen Death due to the complexity of the said word. Eventually, he left the business to focus on other media. Despite this, the company still exists today, being a website that sells props, home media, and memorabilia relating to horror.


Logo: On a black background, a crudely-drawn skeleton head zooms in with lightning sparking out of it. After stopping for a few seconds, the screen flashes white, blue, and red colors, allowing the stacked text "IMAGEN DEATH" to zoom out from the bottom.

Technique: The head zooming in, the screen flashing, and the text zooming out.

Music/Sounds: The sound of thunder when the screen flashes.

Availability: Extremely rare; was seen on said tape that contained the previous logo.

Imagen Death
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