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Descriptions by
AlaskanMalamute 188 and Logophile

Captures by
Eric S.

Editions by
Prodigy012, and TheRealMarcel2000


Icon Productions is a production company owned by Mel Gibson that was formed in August 1989. Their first production was Hamlet, released December 19, 1990, but a logo wasn't used until the release of Forever Young. The company also produces films in the UK and Australia through its British subsidiary Icon Entertainment International, and distributes cinema films through its British subsidiary Icon Film Distribution Ltd, and its Australian subsidiary Icon Film Distribution Pty Ltd.

1st Logo (December 11, 1992-May 20, 1994)

Logo: On a black background, two streaks of blue flame come from the left and right, and then collide, causing a red explosion. The blue words "ICON" and "PRODUCTIONS" rise from the flame line from top and bottom of it respectively, with lines on top and bottom of "PRODUCTIONS". Then, a blue outline of a knight with a sword standing in front of a couple of rock structures with the sun behind it rises from "ICON". As this happens, the majority of the company name turns yellow, leaving only a hint of blue and white on top of "ICON". The sword shines.


  • A still version appears at the end credits of Forever Young.
  • On Maverick, the logo is almost still with the sword shining.

Technique: Traditional animation mixed with computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A loud flaming noise and "BOOM", then an ominous theme with creaking noises. When the sword shines, there is a sound of a sword being drawn.

Availability: Seen on films of the era such as Forever Young, The Man Without a Face, Airborne, and Maverick.

2nd Logo (December 16, 1994-)

Logo: We first see lightning striking in the right side of the screen. A picture of an eye fades in, and lightning strikes again. The camera zooms out revealing more of the picture, and lightning forms the word "ICON" (in the Trajan typeface). The word either "PRODUCTIONS" or "FILM DISTRIBUTION" (in spaced-out letters) fades in below.

Trivia: The picture is a close up of the Virgin of Vladimir Icon, a medieval Byzantine Icon of the Virgin Mary and Jesus the Child that has been in Russia since soon after it was painted. It is one of the most venerated orthodox icons and a fine and early example of the iconography of the Eleusatype. This means it's actually the eye of Mary (Jesus' mother).


  • On UK and Australian prints of films starting in 1999, the word "PRODUCTIONS" was omitted.
  • Some foreign releases replace the term "PRODUCTIONS" with "ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL".
  • There is another version where the word "FILM DISTRIBUTION" replacing the previous terms.
  • A rare closing print version exists.
  • There is also a short version that was used on TV shows. This version started at the word "ICON" forming.
  • A still version appears at the start of some UK prints of Ghost World, and at the end of Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Technique: Computer animation done by R/Greenberg Associates and Imaginary Forces.

Music/Sounds: Just the sound of the thunder. On some movies, the logo is silent, or has the opening theme playing over it. On Payback, faint thunder sounds are heard on the preceding Warner Bros. Pictures logo, then as that logo fades out, the build-up of the thunder is heard and as the Icon logo fades in, the sounds play as usual.

Availability: Common.

  • The logo first appeared at the beginning of Immortal Beloved, and appears on films such as Braveheart, What Women Want, Passion of the Christ, The Miracle Maker, and more.
  • The short version appeared on two shows from 2004: ABC's Complete Savages and CBS's Clubhouse.
  • The international version is rare and was seen on The Miracle Maker, and the trailer of One Decent Criminal.
  • The Film Distribution variant does not appear on the UK release of Thomas and the Magic Railroad but appears right at the start of the VHS and DVD releases of the aforementioned movie.
  • The "FILM DISTRIBUTION" variant has also appeared on a few tape releases, appearing on the 2001 UK VHS of The Magic Pudding.
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