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This is the production arm of ITV Yorkshire, formerly Yorkshire Television.

1st Logo (July 29, 1968-1969)

Opening Variant
Silent Opening Variant
Still Opening Variant
"Network Production" Variant
"Production" Closing Variant


  • Opening: Against a black background, a moving white diamond pattern unfolds from the centre of the screen and moves upward and off the screen, leaving behind a Y-shaped chevron. Afterwards, the words "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION" appear below it. This is the same as their station ident from the time just with slightly different phrasing.
  • Closing: A still version of the 1968 ident with "Network Production" underneath.


  • On Parkin’s Patch: The Deserter, the opening logo is still and reads "production" underneath.
  • The "production" variant also appeared on the end of Where There’s Brass, with the next logo oddly being used at the beginning.
  • Sometimes, the "Network Production" text on the closing logo could be in all lower-case.

Technique: Early Scanimate for the opening logo, None for the closing logo.


  • Opening: A horn sounder ending in a five-note fanfare, which is based off the traditional Yorkshire folk song "On Ilkla Moor Baht'at", composed by Derek New.
  • Closing: The ending theme of the programme.

Musics/Sounds Variants:

  • On Jim Bullock: Miner Extraordinary, the opening logo is silent.
  • On Parkin’s Patch: The Deserter, the opening logo uses the music from the next logo.

Availability: Ultra Rare.

  • Many programmes from this period are hard to find outside of their original airings, though some archival sites may have shows with this logo intact.
  • It appeared on the channel's earliest original programmes such as Where There's Bass, Parkin's Patch: The Deserter, and Jim Bullock: Miner Extraordinary.
  • It was recently spotted on Season 1 episodes of The Main Chance on Talking Pictures TV. It is also preserved on the Network DVD of said series.
  • For a brief time, it was used in tandem with the next logo.

2nd Logo (1969-1989)

B&W Opening Variant
1969 Opening Variant
Early Trident Byline
Later Trident Byline
"3-2-1" Opening Variant
1982 Opening Variant
1982 Closing Variant
1985 "3-2-1" Opening Variant
"Silent Cries" Variant

Logo: On a black background, a small Y-shaped chevron appears with "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION Colour Production " underneath it. This is the same as their station ident from the time, just with slightly different phrasing.


(year in Roman Numerals)

This could sometimes be all on one line with the year in Arabic numerals


  • Starting on January 1, 1982, the phrase was shortened to "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION Production"
  • Sometimes, the 1982 logo has a copyright stamp.
  • A superimposed variant exists for both the 1969 and 1982 variants.
  • On early episodes of Countdown, the white text below the yellow chevron reads "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION" and the yellow text below it reads "for Channel Four."
  • On Silent Cries, the logo is smaller and in an inverted colour scheme. "IAW" text also appears below it in black.
  • On many episodes of 3-2-1, the chevron transforms into a rocket which then flies around the screen before ending up in a trash bin, which turns into the show's mascot, "Dusty Bin".
  • On 1985 episodes of 3-2-1-, the logo spins and is covered in snow.

Technique: None for the standard variants. CGI animation for the 1985 3-2-1 variant.


  • Opening: A shortened, five-note horn fanfare based off of the bombastic fanfare used in the previous logo.
  • Closing: The ending theme of the programme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • From 1982 onwards, the fanfare was reorchestrated slightly, with different horns and more prominent drums.
  • On 3-2-1, the logo used a different version of the fanfare which then segued into the show's opening theme.

Availability: Can still be found on many of Yorkshire Television's shows from the time.

  • The 1969 variant can be found on the first series of both That's My Boy and Emmerdale Farm, later episodes of The Main Chance and Only When I Laugh, among others.
  • The 1982 variant was seen on early series of Countdown as well as later series of That's My Boy, Emmerdale Farm and Silent Cries, among others.
  • The blue variant with the white background was spotted on the original affiliate KNBC airing and Amazon Prime Video's prints of the 1993 TV Movie Silent Cries.

3rd Logo (January 1987-September 1, 1989)

Opening Variant
Closing Variant
Alternate Closing Variant
IAW Variant
Channel Four Variant
"All Change" Variant


  • Opening: Against a black background is a sea of liquid gold, with a red horizon. The camera then pans upwards as the chevron in CGI emerges from the sea, revolving 180 degrees. Once it finishes rising, a dark blue gradient is revealed and the words "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION Production" appear below in the same arrangement as the 2nd logo, while the chevron turns solid yellow.
  • Closing: This is a still version of the 1987 logo.


  • Like the idents, Channel 4 co-productions has "Production" replaced with "for Channel Four".
  • On Cloud Waltzing, "MADE IN ASSOCIATION WITH" is added above the logo.
  • As per the 2nd logo, episodes of Countdown would have "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION" in white below the chevron and "for Channel Four" in yellow below that.
  • On the Dramarama episode "Back to Front", the endcap is flipped, so that the text is backwards.
  • On Politics of Food, the bottom text was majorly altered to read

A green line separates said line of text and the copyright info.

  • On The James Whale Radio Show, the logo is smaller, the words "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION" in white and the words "in association with" in yellow appear below with the Radio Aire logo appearing underneath.
  • On All Change, this logo appears with the 1989 Childsplay Productions logo which then crossfades into the 1989 Yorkshire endcap.
  • A filmed version of the still variant without the word "Production" also exists, which appears at the end of the International Master Films VHS release of the 1988 TV movie The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank.

Technique: CGI for the opening logo, None for the closing logo.


  • Opening: A horn sounder that gets more and more dramatic, ending with a different arrangement of the Yorkshire fanfare.
  • Closing: The ending theme of the programme.


  • The opening variant was used until ITV abolished frontcaps starting on January 1, 1988, and while it can still be seen intact on many Yorkshire programmes from the era, it can be removed from certain prints.
  • The closing variant is still kept intact on most Yorkshire programmes from the era such as Emmerdale Farm, The Raggy Dolls, First Tuesday, 3-2-1, The New Statesman and Countdown, among others.
  • This logo also appeared on Challenge reruns of 3–2–1 episodes from the era and more recently a special 50th Anniversary ITV3 repeat of classic Emmerdale Farm.

4th Logo (June?-September 1, 1989)


Logo: On a blue background, half of the golden chevron flies in, the camera pans over it and sees the other half merge together to form the full chevron. It then zooms out as the words "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION" fade in below. This is followed by the text "21 YEARS OF ENTERTAINMENT & EXCELLENCE" zooming out below the logo.

Variant: A later version of the logo exists where the logo freezes after the "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION" text appears.

Technique: An extended rearrangement of the Yorkshire fanfare.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Yorkshire 21 Years ident.


  • Still seen on old tapes of Yorkshire's television programmes from the time such as Emmerdale Farm and Images of Yorkshire, respectively among other networked programmes.
  • It also recently made an appearance on an episode of classic Emmerdale Farm on ITV Hub as part of the show's 50th Anniversary celebrations.

5th Logo (September 1, 1989-December 1994)

Standard Variant
Dark Background Variant
Alternate Variant
BSB Variant
Yorkshire Television Enterprises Variant
Regular "Bruce's Price is Right" Variant
Alternate "Bruce's Price is Right" Variant

Logo: On a blue-black gradient background, the 3D Chevron from the 1989 ident is shown with the text "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION" underneath.


  • Sometimes, "PRODUCTION" may be reworded to "PRESENTATION" or "PROGRAMME".
  • On Till We Meet Again, the background is solid, the 1989 ITV logo is colourized and the rest of the text is italicized. A copyright stamp was also added underneath it.
  • A variant exists where the normal text is covered up and replaced by the text "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION ENTERPRISES PRODUCTION".
  • On The Riddlers, the logo is on a black background with the text from the Enterprises Production variant placed underneath and surrounded by two thin gold lines.
  • On Wife of The Week, the logo is smaller and features the words A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION FOR BRITISH SATELLITE BROADCASTING. Below it is a copyright notice reading COPYRIGHT B.S.B. 1990.
  • On Bruce's Price is Right, the logo is paired with the Talbot Television logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Availability: Rare.

  • It was seen on Through the Keyhole, Wife of the Week, Emmerdale, Countdown, Till We Meet Again, All Change, Heartbeat, A Touch of Frost, The Riddlers and Stay Lucky, among many others.
  • It was also retained on S1 episodes of Bruce's Price is Right on Challenge.

6th Logo (October 1994-October 1996)

Logo: On a blue-tan gradient background, the 1994 Chevron logo is shown above the text "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION"


  • The text may be reworded to "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PROGRAMME", or "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRESENTATION", sometimes with the 1989 ITV logo below for networked programmes.
  • On Series 3, episode 13 of Bad Influence!, Nam Rood (played by Andy Wear) appears in the logo to wipe away a grey dot on the screen (the dot that appeared on the episode during a segment of Rood talking about grey dots appearing on old TVs). After he wipes away the dot, he gives a thumbs up, and leaves.
  • On programmes produced for Channel 4 such as Countdown, the text below the chevron reads as follows:
  • For co-productions, the logo sometimes shares the screen with other logos and the text changes reading "A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION CO-PRODUCTION".
  • On Raise the Roof, the Action Time logo is seen underneath Yorkshire's.
  • On Bruce's Price is Right, the Fremantle UK logo is seen underneath Yorkshire's.
  • A 16:9 cropped version also exists which was seen on ITV3 airings of S3E03 of A Touch of Frost as well.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Availability: Rare.

  • Can be seen on Yorkshire programmes such as A Touch of Frost, Heartbeat, Countdown, Emmerdale since December 20, 1994 and Raise the Roof, among many others.

7th Logo (October 1996-November 7, 1999)

Logo: A still version of the 1996 ident where "PRODUCTION" is added underneath the company name and the background, while retaining its cloudiness, has multiple transparent "3"'s.


  • The text may be reworded to the following:
    • "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRESENTATION FOR ITV". The 1989 ITV logo is below on the latter three variants until October 4, 1998.
  • Beginning on January 26, 1998, the multiple transparent "3"'s were removed with the background being changed to a cloudy backdrop.
  • The logo may appear as an in-credit logo, sometimes with "CO-PRODUCTION" added underneath.
  • Another variant which appears on Yorkshire programmes for Channel 4 such as Countdown features the Yorkshire chevron logo and the words "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION FOR CHANNEL 4" sometimes with a copyright notice reading "© CHANNEL 4 TELEVISION CORPORATION [year in Roman numerals]" appearing as well, except that the background does not feature the warped figure "3"s at all.
  • Another Countdown variant has text below the yellow chevron that reads "YORKSHIRE TELEVISION STUDIOS".
  • On Bruce's Price is Right, the Fremantle UK Productions logo or the 1997 Grundy logo appears within Yorkshire's logo.
  • On episodes of A Touch of Frost, the logo appears with the words "A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH" and the Excelsior logo appearing below.
  • On Spitfire: Lincolnshire to Las Vegas, the Yorkshire chevron logo shares the screen with the Channel 3 North East's "3" logo with the words "A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION CHANNEL 3 NORTH EAST CO-PRODUCTION".

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme or none.

Availability: Rare.

  • The 1996 variant appears on shows like Heartbeat, Countdown, A Touch of Frost, Emmerdale, Bruce's Price is Right and Spitfire: Lincolnshire to Las Vegas, among others.
  • The 1998 variant appears on shows by Yorkshire from 1998 to 1999 as well.

8th Logo (November 8, 1999-October 27, 2002)

Logo: Similar to the previous logo, it is a still version of its respective 1999 regional ident. Here, the chevron is placed in the top center and the text "A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION" in a Bank Gothic font is added underneath.


  • Programmes produced for Channel 4 from 2000 to 2002 has the logo positioned on the left.
  • On Countdown episodes from 1999 to 2000, the text was also changed to "A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION PRODUCTION FOR CHANNEL FOUR".
  • On A Touch of Frost, the Excelsior logo appears within Yorkshire's.
  • On Harold Shipman: Doctor Death, the logo is paired with the Chameleon Television logo.
  • On season 1 of My Uncle Silas, the logo appears with the text reading "A YORKSHIRE TELEVISION CO-PRODUCTION WITH EXCELSIOR AND WGBH/BOSTON" and the copyright notice saying "(C) YORKSHIRE TELEVISION LIMITED MM1" both appearing below.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Availability: Can be seen on episodes of Emmerdale, Heartbeat, Countdown, and Touch of Frost from this period, alongside many others.

9th Logo (October 28, 2001-October 31, 2004)

Logo: We see the same Granada purple end card with the corporate logo used by all other Granada-owned regions, however, the shadow copies are of the Yorkshire chevron symbol, and the square has the white Yorkshire chevron inside with the text reads "A Yorkshire Television Production".


  • For programmes that they produced for Channel 4 such as Countdown, the 1999-2004 Channel 4 logo appears alongside the logo.
  • A rare variant of the Yorkshire Television variant exists where it uses the same text from the main Granada logo.
  • There is another rare variant where the Granada logo underneath is replaced by the "ITV Studios Limited" text, this is seen on current ITV Studios-era prints of A Touch of Frost.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the ending theme to the show.


  • Appears on shows such as Countdown, Heartbeat, Emmerdale and A Touch of Frost, among others until 2004.
  • The Yorkshire Television variant with the "ITV Studios Limited" text was used to plaster over the original version with the "GRANADA" text on current prints of A Touch of Frost episodes from that era.
  • It also appears on the 2002 TV movie A is for Acid as well.
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