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Descriptions by
V of Doom and indycar

Captures by

Editions by
Michael Kenchington

Video captures courtesy of


ITC Home Video was a short-lived home media division of the ITC Entertainment Group. In America, the company's releases were distributed by J2 Communications and, later, Live Entertainment.


Logo: Same as the 1989 ITC Entertainment Group logo, except that "Home Video" is wiped in under "ITC" at the end.

Technique: Same as the 1989 ITC Entertainment Group logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1989 ITC Entertainment Group logo, but there are two clang sounds marking the appearance of "Home Video", instead of a single "thud".


  • Seen on VHS releases of The Last Unicorn, Return of the Pink Panther (1975), Whispers (1990 version from Live Home Video), and On Golden Pond (1981), among others.
  • Also seen on the 1989 J2 Communications/ITC Home Video Laserdisc of On Golden Pond (1981).
  • It also appeared at the end of an unknown episode of Gideon's Way as well.
  • It also appears on UK VHS releases such as the 1994 UK VHS release of Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left - 2 as well.
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