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IRIB TV4 is one of the 32 national television channels in Iran founded in 1994.

(1996?- 2000s?)

IRIB TV4 (Iran, 1996-2000s).png

Logo: We see the paws of a leopard walking along the ground. We then see shots of the leopard walking in a jungle. It then goes to a body of water to take a drink. We then see shots of it panting, including an extreme close-up of its mouth, and then walking again, with another shot of its paws. As the footage slows down, we see a close-up of the leopard's spots. They all turn into the company logo, a circular ribbon of sorts. The screen then flashes multiple times and the logos spread out to reveal a singular black logo on a yellow background with Farsi text "تماشا و تفکر همزمان" underneath.

Trivia: The footage of the leopard is taken from a BBC documentary.

Technique: Live action and stop-motion.

Music/Sounds: A proud, bombastic fanfare with sneaky-sounding metal tune.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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