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iOS is the operating system for Apple's iPhone, iPad and formerly iPod Touch. A rebranded version of iOS is currently used on the iPad, called iPadOS.

(June 29, 2007-)


  • 2007-2012 (iPhone OS 1.0-iOS 6.0): On a black background, we see the Apple logo with a white gradient with curves running through it.
  • 2013- (iOS 7.0+): On a black background, we see the Apple logo in solid white.


  • Some Apple devices prior to the iPhone X with a light color tone may have the colors inverted (so that will be white background and black logo).
  • On iPadOS, the logo can be in landscape

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

  • On the iPhone 14, there is an accessibility option to turn on "Power On & Off Sounds". When turned on, a chime plays when booting up the device.

Availability: Extremely common. Seen when you boot up an iOS device.

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