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IMAX at AMC is a joint-venture between IMAX Corporation and AMC Theatres.

1st Logo (2005-2015)

Logo: Same as the 2005 IMAX "Optimization Cross-Check" pre-show, but the trailer has tints of red mixed with the blue (making the trailer look purple at times) all throughout the trailer due to the partnership of AMC. At the end, the AMC and IMAX logos, which are separated by a thick ampersand between them, are formed by particles. The text "SEE THE STARS IN THEIR BEST LIGHT" (AMC's slogan) with a TM symbol is seen above that as well.

Technique: Same as the 2005 IMAX pre-show, albeit with the red tints and the ending being different.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: Same as the 2005 IMAX pre-show, but the "world's most immersive movie experience begins.." line is replaced with "Experience the power of IMAX at AMC.."

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (2015- )

Logo: The camera pans up from a purple moon planet with a red planet (which looks similar to Mars) in the background in front of it. The camera cuts to the red planet's view where the purple moon is now in the distance, with both of their sides shaded out in a crescent. We cut to a view where both planets move in front of each other, forming a solar eclipse. The "IMAX at AMC" text forms into view in an aurora. Many rocks pass by the text, where a meteor slowly flies to the side. The screen vigorously shakes as many more rocks break off of it. Flame clouds saying "KEEP", "TRACK", "OF", "YOUR", and "STUFF" zoom out from the camera one by one. Everything gets sucked into a fiery black hole, where the large text "EMERGENCY EXIT" stacked on top of each other is revealed in the center. The screen shakes again and the text quickly dissolves, where we are now going through a colorized time warp with red, orange, and purple streaks and a purple vector (ala Emotion). The outlined text "FRONT" zooms up to the camera, with "LEFT", "RIGHT", and "BACK" following suit. The camera turns in sync of the direction. The camera shakes and we zoom out from a bright blue nebula. Rocks zoom out and sync up to form the stacked words "REPORT SUSPICIOUS CHARACTERS", with many other rocks in the background. The camera zooms out and turns to the right, where we see a Saturn-like planet (albeit colored baby blue). The camera then zooms up to its rings, turning the color hue into green. The outlined text "COMING SOON" is nestled in between the lines. The logo then blurs out into the MPAA band screen.

Variants: Bumpers of this logo were created:

  • On a space background, we see a blue-colored planet with the red planet from the pre-roll trailer next to each other and with them both having electric surges surrounding them. We zoom down to the bottom of the blue planet, with a star flashing behind it. The IMAX at AMC logo wipes in with auroras surrounding it, which, a few seconds later, wipe out.
  • The camera zooms out from many asteroids with blue energy running through it. There is a giant blue glowing space with the text "GEAR UP" residing in the middle. After a couple seconds, the logo flashes and the bumper fades out.
  • We fade into a view of an arc on a purple planet. A satellite wing zooms out from underneath us, followed by a capsule zooming in at light-speed and breaking its core base off. The base spins, and a screen saying "DON'T RUIN THE ATMOSPHERE" (with "ATMOSPHERE" being at the bottom and in a thicker font) is revealed. A keypad is faintly seen below that. The satellite is illuminated by a light, with it then zooming out towards the purple planet. It disappears, and the bumper fades out.
  • We zoom out from an ice-structured planet with many ice rocks and mist surrounding it. A brown liquid (Coca-Cola) engulfs the screen, with carbonation slightly appearing as we zoom out through it. The camera then emerges from a fizz-colored top, and is revealed to be the top of a particle-made Coca-Cola cup. It dissolves and the Coca-Cola logo in white appears through particle formation. We quickly zoom through it, revealing the text "ENJOY THE SHOW", surrounded by purple and red planets, floating in space. The trailer cuts out after a couple seconds. The IMAX at AMC logo (with "IMAX" at the top and "at AMC" at the bottom and smaller) appears onscreen with copyright notices for the two companies, and the AMC and IMAX logos below them.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: Throughout the pre-show, a majestic fanfare (with the humming sounds from the 2013 IMAX "Countdown" trailer at the beginning) is heard with sound effects corresponding to the actions and environments on screen. A deep male announcer is heard saying "Welcome to IMAX at AMC. Before your journey, take precautions. Guard your world with possessions. Keep items within your reach. In case of emergencies, escape through a portal in the front, left, right and back of the theater and move far away to safety. If you observe any suspicious behavior or unidentified objects, alert a crew member. Now, let's explore what's coming soon to an AMC near you."

Music/Sounds/Voice-over Variants: The bumpers use these sounds and announcer lines:

  1. An ambient fanfare is used with the announcer saying "Coming soon in the brilliant colors and stellar sounds of IMAX at AMC.."
  2. "To enter another dimension, put on your IMAX 3D glasses now, and remember to return them at the journey's end." is heard from the announcer as a gradually rising synth note is heard with an intensifying bass. A "bang" is heard when the text flashes.
  3. "We are not alone in this world. Talk travels at the speed of sound, and the glow of your device causes interference. Don't ruin the atmosphere." is heard from the announcer. The sounds are an ambient synth note, followed by a loud crash and computer beeps, which fade out as the satellite disappears into the planet.
  4. Loud whooshes and rumbles are heard as the camera pans out from the ice rocks, followed by splashes and fizzes from the soda. Throughout this, a dramatic orchestral fanfare (which sounds similar to IMAX's "Countdown" trailer) is heard. The announcer says this: "Expand your horizons. Taste the universe. Infinite conjoinment awaits. And now, the boundless journey, your imagination, begins."

Availability: Currently used in AMC theaters with IMAX screens.

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