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I.R.S. Releasing was the film division of the record label I.R.S. Records, formed as an independent distributor in the early 1990s. Much of the company's output was licensed to other distributors for home video, such as RCA/Columbia, Live Entertainment and Cabin Fever Entertainment, among others. However, while the company did have some acclaimed films to its name, much of the company's output were box-office flops, resulting in the company quietly folding a few years later. Most of the company's library is currently owned by Sony Pictures, while others, with some exceptions, are currently held by Multicom Entertainment.


Logo: On a black background is a black and white drawing of the top half of a man, wearing a black suit and tie, sunglasses, and a fedora. Below is


in white.


  • Sometimes, "RELEASING" is replaced by "MEDIA".
  • An inverted variant exists and was spotted on Wedding Band.
  • On December, the I.R.S. Man is seen in a circle above a marquee (ala MGM) with "I.R.S. MEDIA" inside.
  • There's another version with the I.R.S. man on a 3-D structure (ala 20th Century Fox) zooming slowly briefly towards the screen and it reads "I.R.S. World Media". This was seen on a late 2000s Sundance airing of A Sinful Life and is also intact on the trailer for Jezebel's Kiss. Another version exists with inverted colors and a faster zoom-in. This was seen on a screener VHS of Genuine Risk, on the film's respective trailer.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None, or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on films from the company, such as Circuitry Man, One False Move, Blood and Concrete, Delusion, and Shakes the Clown.

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