Hot Lava Girl

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Broken Saw


This is Claudia Lonow's vanity card.

(June 4, 2004-June 26, 2013)

Logo: Against a fire background is a 2D red-haired heroine, wearing a white revealing outfit with a red cape, and standing on a pool of flaming lava. The large fiery company name is shown above in red, and at the bottom are the words "...bringing down evil-doers with the judicious use of magma" in a white Impact font.

Variant: In 2013, the logo switched to a different fire background, in addition to a different (but similar) heroine. The text also now has a more fiery look.

Technique: Likely live-action.

Music/Sounds: An 11-note Malibu-style guitar riff. In the logo's early days, it has the sound of fire mixed with the show's closing theme. Original airings use a generic network theme.

Availability: Seen on Good Girls Don't, the failed pilot of Flirt and How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life).

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