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Video captures courtesy of
Little W***e Records, Nick Michiotis


Home Video Hellas was a home media company. It was succeeded by Odeon, which also serves as a movie theater chain.

1st Logo (1980’s)

Home Video Hellas 1.jpg

Logo: A blue "H" zooms out, emitting blue light rays, but the H splits up into two H's half-way the process, they place into the black background, as a blue "V" zooms out, emitting blue light rays as well. The V flashes, and then a white laser draws a rectangular outline to encase"HVH". An iris-colored striped background inside the rectangle wipes in. The glowing neon blue "HOME VIDEO HELLAS" then flips in from the left and places below the rectangle, and then turns gray.The "HVH" turns red, and logo sparkles a bit.

Technique: Everything.

Music/Sounds: An opening snippet of the song "Fire on High" by Electric Light Orchestra, which continues throughout the warning screen.

Availability: Unknown.

2nd Logo (1990's-2000's)

Home Video Hellas 2.jpg

Logo: We see a large white rectangle, which has smaller white squares inside of it. It moves to the right, and is tilted 45 degrees on the Z axis. We then see another rectangle of the same kind moving in the opposite direction from the bottom until it rotates, then laying flat on the screen. It zooms in to fit, and the rectangle reveals that there are many "HVH"'s inside of the squares. Another "HVH" (in bold sans-serif) zooms in while rotating, this time in a red box.The "HVH" zooms in, and the words "HOME VIDEO HELLAS" comes out from the bottom of the logo. After that, it fades out and a warning text starts scrolling, without the music being interrupted.


  • On another variant, used on later-released VHS tapes, the font of the warning text is changed and the text itself isn't as detailed.

Technique: All of the moving and zooming.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt with chimes and strings, with the occasional timpani.

Availability: Rare, seen on known The Busy World of Richard Scarry tapes and others from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (A Christmas Carol), CIC, and DreamWorks (The Prince of Egypt).

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