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(1990s-2000s) (Warner Home Video)

Bumper: On a dark blue gradient background with stars, the word "ATENCIÓN" flashes three times and the text "ESTA PELÍCULA DEBE LLEVAR UN SELLO QUE GARANTIZA SU LEGALIDAD" fades in at the center of the screen. Then it fades out and a CGI VHS cassette flips in while a silver CGI hologram with a metallic version of the 1986 Warner Home Video print logo flies in and places itself on the left reel window of the VHS and "COMPRUBE QUE SU VIDEOCASSETTE LLEVA EL AUTENTICO HOLOGRAMA DE WARNER HOME VIDEO" fades in below it, followed by "EN LA CINTA Y EN LA CARATULA", "LA PIRATERIA VIDEOGRAFICA ES UN FRAUDE AL CONSUMIDOR QUE PERJUDICA GRAVEMENTE", and "PONIENDO EN PELIGRO LA CONTINUIDAD DEL MUNDO DEL CINE". Afterwards, both the VHS and the text fade out and the same WHV hologram flips in and shines between silver and gold while "EXIJA SIEMPRE PELÍCULAS LEGALES NO PERMITA EL FRAUDE SOLO BENEFICA A QUIEN LO REALIZA." fades in below it.

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds/Voiceover: A man reads the white Spanish text out loud.

Availability: Seen on Warner Home Video releases in Spain, such as A Clockwork Orange and presumably several VeggieTales tapes.

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