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(Early-Mid 1980s)

Hispavideo (1983).png

Logo: On a blue background, three pairs of colored streaks wipe from both sides, the same happens to the four pairs of colored streaks which is slightly delayed. The colored streaks then form a pair of rainbow streaks, and it rotates thru 90° degrees on the left, slightly zooming out. A pair of white filmstrip holes appear wiping over the right, as two black streaks appear behind the holes. A crudely drawn white map of Spain zooms over with yellow trails behind it, then the text "HISPAVIDEO" ("HISPA" stacked above, "VIDEO" stacked below) zooms over the map of the recently mentioned country. It all fades out.

Technique: Primitive animation.

Music/Sounds: A snippet of "Logic Circuit".

Availability: Extremely rare. May have been seen on releases of the company from the era.

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