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This is the company of Mark Hentemann, an executive producer and writer for Family Guy and creator of Bordertown.

(January 3-May 22, 2016)

Logo: In a desert at dusk, we see a small room with an animator inside, very far away from us. The text "Hentemann Films", in a white, messy font, appears below. Alongside the company name, the text "(No actual films)" appears in Times New Roman. Then one of the actions (See "Variants") will occur, which vary.


  • On "The Engagement" and "J.C. Strikes", a giant worm swallows the room.
  • On "Borderwall", two animated heads come up from under the room, raising it.
  • On "Megachurch", a pair of chopsticks appears from the top of the screen and grabs the room, and Mark Hentemann's face comes in from the left. The chopsticks throw the room into Mark's mouth.
  • On "High School Football", the room gets robotic legs and crawls away.
  • On "Groundhog Day", a baby rolls by and crushes the room.
  • On "Santa Ana Winds", the room clones several times, (there are now fifteen) then the newly crafted animator fleet scatters.
  • On "Drug Lord", a hand comes up and flicks the room away. This one is animated a little crudely compared to the other ones, since the hand has a very noticeable white border.
  • On "Heart Attack", a fly swatter comes down and smashes the room. The fly swatter is animated in the logo's style.
  • On "Wildfire", the room gets sucked into a passing UFO. Like "Fly Swatter" the UFO is animated in the logo's style.
  • On "La Fiesta Noche Show", Mark appears again, snapping the room up with his tongue like a frog. His head is in stock images, but the tongue is animated like the previous two.
  • On "American Doll", the room gets humanoid arms and legs and leaps into the sky.
  • On "Viva Coyote", a pterodactyl-like creature nabs the room and flies off with it.

Technique: Depends on the variant. Objects are usually animated with stock images.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant.

Availability: Seen on Bordertown.

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