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1st Logo (1983-January 21, 1986)

Logo: There are two main variants of this logo:

  • Version 1: On a solid beige background, we see "ha!", with "HENSON ASSOCIATES, INC." in an ITC Avant Garde font below it, and "For" placed on the top left of it, arranged like this:


The exclamation point shines from top to bottom.
  • Version 2: Transitioning from the Marvel Productions logo, the "ha!" from the above variant fades in and zooms out, and when it stops zooming, the background changes to a beige gradient. "HENSON ASSOCIATES, INC." appears stacked below it, arranged like this:
Again, a copyright notice appears below.


  • The logo was designed by David Kaestle and debuted as a print logo in 1975. When the company introduced new stationery that year, the logo was printed twice on the back of the paper so that, when it was folded, the recipient would be greeted with "ha! ha!". The design would also be adapted for other company divisions, including "he!" (Henson Enterprises), "hep!" (Henson Electronic Products), "hi!" (Henson International), "hit!" (Henson International Television (later HiT Entertainment)), "ho!" (The Henson Organization, Ltd.), "hop!" (Henson Organization Publishing), and "hum!" (Henson Universal Music).
  • The "ha!" logo is still in use today as the print logo for Henson Alternative.

Variants: The second main variant had a couple of minor variations:

  • An early version exists that had the word "For" next to "ha!" (like the first version).
  • The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years utilized a cut-short version of this variant (as to avoid showing the Marvel Productions logo), likely because they lacked another logo to use.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Music/Sounds: Plays over the ending theme. On The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years, we hear Zoot blowing his saxophone.

Availability: Very rare.

  • It appeared on the first two seasons of Muppet Babies (with both variants being used), but it's usually replaced with a Jim Henson Productions/Jim Henson Television logo. It was however kept when Playhouse Disney UK reran the show in the mid-2000's.
  • The second variant of this logo is usually preserved on the 1986 special The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years.

2nd Logo (September 13-December 27, 1986)

Logo: On a white background, we see:


with a copyright stamp below in black. The text bears a strong resemblance to the zooming variant of the previous logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Plays over the ending theme.

Availability: Only appeared on season 3 of Muppet Babies.

Henson Associates, Inc.
Jim Henson Productions
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