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Helion Pictures was a British production company.

(Feburary 23, 1998-March 28, 2001)


Logo: On a black background, a royal blue squiggly shape appears for a split second. Then the screen turns aquamarine while the squiggly shape transforms into another weird shape that resembles a black 8 with two ovals; one that is in the squiggly shape's color and the other in the 8's color before it changes into the former's color along with patterns that are slightly dark but faded on the sides and below. It then pans out with words such as "HEAD" and "IMAGE" appearing very briefly with static quality like old film reels. It is revealed to be a panel with two more panels on opposite sides on the same background the squiggly shape appeared both in it's color. One by one, a jockey riding a horse appears in each panel moving simultaneously. At the same time the last jockey appears, "A HELION PICTURES" appears at the top with "PRODUCTION" below the panels and "FOR NICKELODEON UK" at the bottom of the screen in small letters where they all flash followed by the panels before they cease in the same order.

Trivia: This is based on Eadweard Muybridge's Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, the world's first ever film.

Variant: In The Renford Rejects episode "Ciao Bambino", the logo is completely absent instead being replaced with text in the same font as the opening and ending credits which is a basically a translation of the logo's text in Italian that says







with the sound being spectators cheering (presumsably from a soccer match). This is done to fit it's Italian theme as part of the episode centering on Barry Grade abandoning his identity as Bruno di Gradi which also has the end credits played entirely in the same language for this episode as a result.

Technique: The panels and flashing.

Music/Sounds: A whooshing sound, followed by the sounds of a commentator, an audience cheering, horses galloping, and what appears to be the sound of a projector winding.

Availability: Only seen on Renford Rejects.

Legacy: The whoosh, panning and panels may get to some but it's just like attending a real horse racing event.

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