Harmony Gold

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Descriptions by
Sagan Blob and Henrynguye5

Captures by
Stephen Cezar, Sagan Blob, Logohub, Gilblitz112, and Mr. Gann

Video captures courtesy of
GroverKent, Sagan Blob, and ClosingLogosHD


Harmony Gold is a television production and distribution company established in 1983.

1st Logo (1983-1999)

Nicknames: "Text of Boredom", "Text of Annoyance", "Annoying Gold"

Logo: Over a black background, we see a big square marble, where "Harmony" (in a lavender-light blue color) writes itself. And then, "GOLD" (obviously in a gold texture) fades in below, and shines. Either "Presents" below the whole logo, or "A" and "Presentation" above and below the logo would fade in afterwards.


  • Sometimes, the marble would be absent.
  • There's also exists a blue-gradient background version.
  • The text above the logo may be in a different language like Spanish or French.
  • On the 1988 Around the World in 80 Days miniseries, the still logo in yellow is place on a blue background, below the "A" and above the Rete Europa logo, reading "A Harmony Gold and Rete Europa production".

Trivia: The base logo was animated at 30p, but the text above and/or below the logo appeared at 30i.

Technique: The writing, the shine, and the fade-ins.

Music/Sounds: A 4-note synthesized trumpet with a harp tune, or the closing theme of the show/movie.

Availability: It's seen on some infamous dubs released by the company. This also appeared on Disney's release of Heidi.

2nd Logo (1984)

Logo: TBA.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: So far, it's only found on the VHS release of their pre-Robotech dub of Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

3rd Logo (2002- )

Logo: On a dusk sky background, we see a golden frame rotating about, with "Harmony" in the same font as the first logo and "GOLD" in a narrow font also rotating. The text zooms out into their positions within the frame ("Harmony" with "GOLD" below it, resembling the print logo). The sky background then gets enclosed within the frame as the rest of the background turns black, and the orange clouds fade away, turning the area within the frame blue. The URL fades in below.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Common.

Legacy: It's an improvement over the previous logos.

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