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Harlin & Selin Productions Oy was a Finnish production company owned by film director Renny Harlin and television producer Markus Selin, both of which were the main writers of the 1986 action film Born American. Established in the early 1990's, the production company was only active for a few years before shutting down and Markus Selin founding his own studio, Solar Films.

(January 6, 1993-1995)

Logo: On a black background, we have an extreme close-up shot on the upper side of a marble tile seen in half smaller aspect ratio. A red laser beam then moves past the upper side of the tile, making some bronze letters pop out of the tile. The camera slowly follows the laser beam and then moves further away, as we get a better view of the rectangular tile. As a laser beam moves from the upper right side, another one appears from the lower left side and moves past to the other side of the screen. Afterwards, we see a tile with corner pins and the stacked text "HARLIN SELIN PRODUCTIONS", while the third laser beam then descends down above the tile and quickly slashes three rough lines on it, resembling the Zorro mark.

Variants: Usually at the end of featured shows, we see the following text before the closing logo:

Ohjelman on
Kolmostelevisio Oy:lle

The text is yellow in Vintiöt and Vintiöiden Kosto, and white in Gladiaattorit.

Technique: The CGI marble tile, letters and laser beams.

Music/Sounds: Stock laser beam sound effects.

Availability: Very rare. Only three programs feature it both as an opening and closing logo: Gladiaattorit (the Finnish version of American Gladiators), sketch show Vintiöt and compilation program Vintiöiden Kosto. While it is normally seen during its original broadcast, the DVD release of Vintiöt has the logo taken out from the opening or replaced with the Solar Television logo during its closing.

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