Happy Cock

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(1985-Late 1980s)

Logo: We start on a grassy field with a fence, five chickens, and a haystack, one of which is standing on top of the stack. After a few seconds, one of the chickens starts moving up and down before looking at the chicken at the haystack. That chicken, looking sad, looks at the other chickens, in which one of them show the one on the haystack a VHS of the company's logo. The chicken on the haystack comes down and takes a look at the VHS. Then, we see the logo, which is a circle consisting of a chicken with "HAPPY COCK" wrapped on top and bottom of the chicken, zoom towards us with the background changing to steel blue. Finally, the word "presents" wipes in at the bottom.

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A cartoony, happy soundtrack, accompanied by chickens clucking.

Availability: May be seen on VHS releases of porn films. One film released by this distributor is The Pussy Willows.

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