Hamtaro/Hamutaro the Movie

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(December 15, 2001-December 23, 2004)

Logo: A filmstrip with a sunflower pattern turns clockwise on a white screen, and we reveal Hamtaro running on it like it's an exercise wheel and then he jumps on the logo to make a MGM logo-like filmstrip circle. The word "MOVIE", in red, runs onto the screen and then stops, with "THE" (in yellow) on part of the "M", and "HAMUTARO" (in Japanese) or "HAMTARO" (in English) appears in cerulean below Hamtaro's head. Hamtaro smiles when the "O", in the style of the hamster's eyes, blinks.

Variants: In each Hamtaro movie, Hamtaro is in his style from the movie. The filmstrip is school bus yellow in Adventures in Ham-Ham Land, bright orange in The Captive Princess, neon blue in Miracle in Aurora Valley and pink in Fairy Tale.

Technique: Just the 2D Japanese animation.

Music/Sounds: A film projector sound in the beginning with a remixed version of the Japanese Hamtaro theme, which is slightly different in each movie. Hamtaro's "Heke" sound is heard as well. In Adventures in Ham-Ham Land, there is no music.

Availability: Rare. Only seen on Japanese prints of the Hamtaro movie series (only released in East Asia and France).

Legacy: This is a parody of the MGM symbol.

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