Hallmark Home Entertainment and KingWorld Direct Warning Screen

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(October 10, 1995-2003)

Warning: On a black background, the word "WARNING" appears in white with a red line underneath. The following text appears below:

Unauthorized duplication
is a violation of Federal
copyright laws.

Then, we fade to a new screen. Same as the 4th PolyGram Video warning, except the words "FBI WARNING" in red and in Helvetica font, and white text below in Helvetica Condensed font.

Trivia: This warning screen has a few mistakes. On the first screen, "federal" is needlessly capitalized. On the second screen, "and" is misspelled as "amd", and "video discs" isn't pluralized.


  • On later tapes, "WARNING" and "FBI WARNING" are both in the same font with no underline, and the text font is different. In this variant, the "amd" has been corrected.
  • On the 1997 VHS of Annabelle's Wish (and its 2000 DVD by Ralph Edwards Films), only the second screen is shown.

Technique: The fade from one screen to the next.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on releases from Hallmark Home Entertainment, KingWorld Direct, Haber Video, PM Entertainment Group, and the obscure series The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.

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