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1st Logo (Mid-1980's)

Logo: Dark red bars open up to reveal footage of fireworks. Then, a symbol consisting of three white rings and a dove with its wings wrapped around the circular shape fades in. A few seconds later, it then cuts to the Magic Window logo's animation sequence. Before the logo crossfades, the following text in Arabic fades in:

for Production and
for children

Throughout the sequence, the text changes colors to gold, cyan, green, purple, and finally back to white.

Variant: On one tape, the Magic Window logo freezes before "MAGIC WINDOW" is revealed.

Technique: Basic computer effects for the logo appearing and the text changing colors. Live-action for the fireworks and traditional animation for the Magic Window sequence.

Music/Sounds: For the first half, the theme for the 1st MGM/UA Home Video logo plays. The same soundtrack for the Magic Window logo is heard for the rest of the sequence.

Availability: Extremely rare; can be seen on children's VHSes from Saudi Arabia such as one on Kamar al-Zawan and the Five Dwarves.

2nd Logo (Mid-1980's)

Logo: On a black background, a blue-neon silhouette of an eagle flies (which is actually a CASCOM template). A red blurry ring against a green background then zooms out with the eagle crossfading with the dove from the previous logo. A white target with five rings then fades in, followed by "HADEEL FOR PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION", with its name in Arabic on top of its English name, emerging from the bullseye and sliding to the bottom of the screen. Then, footage of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tom & Jerry fly out of the bullseye with them leaving a dissolving trail. After that, the company's phone number is shown underneath.

Technique: Basic computer effects.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer.

Availability: Unknown.

3rd Logo (1987?-Late 1980's)

Logo: On a space background with a blue planet on the left side, there is a orange satellite with shooting stars bouncing off of it (presumably another CASCOM template). The animation sequences crossfades with a magenta target being drawn, followed by the rings spinning to the right. A dove is then seen flying from the left and into the right section of the target, turning into a stylized version of itself once inside. The 3D, arced text containing the company name in both Arabic and English fades in and rotates clockwise on its z-axis, eventually wrapping itself around the logo.

Technique: Scanimate for the satellite sequence, CGI for the rings and text, and traditional animation for the dove flying.

Music/Sounds: First, an ominous space soundtrack with harps and then a dramatic pop fanfare.

Availability: Unknown.

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