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HVN Entertainment is a home entertainment distributor for Malaysia and Singapore that was a subsidiary for Speedy Entertainment which distributed DVDs, VCDs and Blu-rays of 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment to the aforementioned countries.

1st Logo (1990s-2003)

HVN (1995).png
HVN (1993).jpg

Logo: On a videoed background of clouds rolling over hills, we see the hollow letters HVN zoom up. They then turn around and the logo shines with a sparkle at the top of the N. The words

Berjaya HVN
Sdn Bhd

appear underneath while the colors fill in from the outside. Once the colors are filled, the logo sparkles again.

Variant: There exists an English variant of the logo, where the words

Homevideo Network
(M) Sdn. Bhd.

in a different font fly in after the colors fill the logo. The sparkles at the end are also different, having more of a pattern than the original and shining all at once.

Technique: The logo spinning, the shine and sparkles, and the words appearing underneath.

Music/Sounds: Various wiping sounds from a synth.

Availability: Common for both variants. Seen on 90s home releases of children's cartoons from Malaysia and Singapore.

2nd logo (2003-2015)

HVN (2003).png

Logo: White animated stars fly past on a black-to-blue gradient space background. The logo folds in and violently shakes as a white starburst appears, revealing the words "p r e s e n t s" underneath. The starburst goes across the word and disappears, and a light shines up through the logo until it disappears.

Technique: The animation the stars and the HVN folding in and shaking, the starburst, and the lights through the logo.

Music/Sounds: A bombastic fanfare.

Availability: Common. Seen on home releases of western animation in Malaysia and Singapore since 2003 to 2015.

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