HOT Animation

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Descriptions by
SuperMuppet and JamsterYT


Logo: An in-credit text notice with the HOT Animation logo (a sun with the word "HOT" and the word "animation" below "HOT") and text below:

A HOT Animation Production for

HIT Entertainment Plc

© HIT Entertainment Plc [YEAR]


  • An animated version exists on a white background.
  • A still version on a white background also exists, which is sometimes in-credit.
  • On seasons 5-6 of Pingu, the logo is seen next to the HIT Entertainment PLC logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show or none.

Availability: The standard in-credit version appears on shows produced by HOT Animation, most commonly Bob the Builder. It can also be seen on Rubbadubbers, some of the Brambly Hedge specials and seasons 5-6 of Pingu. The animated variant appears on the Bob the Builder game Bob Builds a Park, while the still white background version can be found on the games Bob the Builder: Fix it Fun! and Bob the Builder: Bob’s Castle Adventure. The white background in-credit logo appears at the end of games based on the company’s shows. The logo is thought to have last appeared on the direct-to DVD Bob the Builder: On Site specials.

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