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Descriptions by
codyfinke, PAV123, and indycar

Captures by
Eric S. and others

Editions by

Video captures courtesy of
Eric Rico and dylan fagan


HIT Video was the home media unit of HIT Entertainment that was founded in 1997 using funding that HIT Entertainment used from the Alternative Investment Market.

The name was retired after 2000, when the company began using their standard name and logos for de-facto purposes.


Logo: It's the same as the 1997 HIT Entertainment logo, but with some differences. The ribbon is colored completely red, the explosions are heavier and colored red as well, and several gold stars are added to accompany the small ribbons, fireworks, and bubbles that come out of the spinning tunnel. Then we see the HIT logo, but the words "ENTERTAINMENT PLC" are replaced by "VIDEO", the globe is replaced by a gold star, and the HIT logo is in red instead of light blue. There are also three gold stars on the "T" and a smaller star to the right. The star in the hole shines slightly and the small one next to the "T" glows.


  • A shorter version exists, which starts with the tunnel for 1 and a half seconds before it disappears. This variant was mainly used between promos.
  • At the end of Kipper: Christmas Eve, the URL "www.hitentertainment.com" fades in at the top of the logo.

Technique: Same as the 1997 HIT Entertainment logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1997 HIT Entertainment logo.

Availability: Fairly common, despite only being used in the UK.

  • Seen on VHS tapes of Brambly Hedge, Percy the Park Keeper, Kipper and Bob the Builder until 2000.
  • Makes a surprise appearance at the end of the Kipper episode "The Treasure Hunt" on a streaming service for children known as Ketchup TV, likely because the episode was taken from a VHS master.
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