HIT Home Entertainment

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Descriptions by
codyfinke, PAV123, and indycar

Captures by
Eric S. and others

Editions by
Henrynguye5 and Prodigy012

Video captures courtesy of
Eric Rico and dylan fagan


HIT Home Entertainment was a short-lived distribution label of Lyrick Studios that released HIT Entertainment material following the latter's purchase of Lyrick. After August 2001, Lyrick's home video arm was rebranded under the HIT Entertainment name, and continued to release material until 2006, when HIT shuttered the unit and began distributing its home media releases in North America through 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and later Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

(May 22-June 5, 2001)

HiT Home Entertainment logo.jpg

Nicknames: "2000s HIT Globe", "Cheesy Glow"

Logo: Same as the HIT Entertainment logo from the era, but "HOME" is sandwiched next to "ENTERTAINMENT".

Variant: A still version of the logo exists.

Technique: The glow surrounding the globe or none.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Very rare, as it was short-lived.

  • It only appeared on four VHS releases in North America: Bob the Builder: Can We Fix it?, Bob the Builder: To the Rescue, Kipper: Pools, Parks and Picnics, and Kipper: Tiger Tales, alongside the extended-release Kipper: Playtime in the Park.
  • Although the logo appears on the packaging of HIT's UK VHS releases from 2000-2001, don't expect this to appear on-screen, only the regular HIT logo appears.
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