HC2 Holdings/DTV America Station IDs

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Fry Letterman, Houston TV History and Addison Greear

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Logo: On a blue gradient background, we see a red rectangle with the station's callsign and a dark bluish square with the channel number on top of a black rectangle with the name of the city and the initials of the state the city is located in. A sweeping transition then plays, making the logo disappear. The logo then appears again using the same transition.


  • On some stations, Station IDs have been sighted where the callsign reads"TEST-DT", the channel number reads "99", and the city name and state initials read "community, ST", pointing to these Station IDs likely being made from a template.
  • Sometimes, the transition is replaced with a simple fade.
  • A different version can be seen on KAJF-LD (and possibly other stations) where a different transition is used and the DTV America logo appears at the top.

Technique: Entirely done in simple 2D digital animation.

Music/Sounds: A stock fanfare used across other low-power stations.

Availability: Currently in use on several stations owned by HC2 Holdings or DTV America.

Legacy: These station IDs are somewhat infamous within the logo community due to their almost-identical appearance and the PowerPoint-esque transitions used.

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