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Guru Studio is a Canadian animation studio based in Toronto, Ontario. The company started as an overseas production house on series like The Backyardigans and Mudpit, as well as producing commercials and bumpers for YTV, Treehouse, and Teletoon. Since then, the studio has become known for PAW Patrol, produced with Spin Master Entertainment and Nickelodeon, which has seen significant success with merchandise, licensing and a full-length theatrical movie, in addition to Shimmer and Shine, Justin Time, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Abby Hatcher, and more recently Big Blue.

1st Logo (September 22, 2011-)

Logo: On a white background, we see a black object with a shadow behind it. It has 4 dots in it, colored orange, red, pink and purple. They inflate like balloons into the the word "GURU", and then deflate and fit into the object.


  • On the first season of Justin Time, the logo is still on a black background, with the text colored black and the border white.
  • On the second season of Justin Time, the logo, like before, is still on a black background and has a white border, but the text is in the original colors and there is a glow around the logo.
  • An in-credit version exists, sometimes with the color scheme from the first variant. Another version has white text and a red border.
  • On Big Blue, The byline "Guru Studio is a trademark of Guru Animation Studio Ltd." appears below the logo when the the balloons deflate.

Technique: CGI animation, which has a style reminiscent of the films Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run and the television series Big Nate.

Music/Sounds: A 4-note synth theme with bongos and the faint sound of the balloons inflating underneath. Sometimes, the ending theme of the show or movie plays over the logo.

Availability: Current.

  • Seen on various shows, such as PAW Patrol beginning with its third season, Justin Time, Ever After High (beginning with the episode "Thronecoming"), Abby Hatcher, Pikwik Pack, Big Blue and True and the Rainbow Kingdom.
  • The standard in-credit version appears on Abby Hatcher, some episodes of Ever After High, seasons 2 to 6 of PAW Patrol, The Breadwinner (after the closing credits) and Dinopaws.
  • The black and white in-credit version appears on Mudpit, while the red and white one is seen on PAW Patrol beginning with season 7.
  • It strangely does not appear on the first season of PAW Patrol.
  • With the introduction of the logo below, its days are numbered.

2nd Logo (April 30, 2022-)

Guru (2022).jpg

Logo: On a purple background, we see a sandwich: it separates and becomes a disco ball and light-up square dance floor, with a bunch of cartoony characters dancing, namely a peanut wearing a sweatband, a pink, wiggly hot dog-like creature with a crown, and a blue and magenta tube with purple legs. The sandwich closes again, and it flips over to reveal the Guru logo in magenta and white, as the background turns pink. The byline "Guru Studio is a trademark of Guru Animation Studio Ltd." appears below in white.

Technique: CGI animation, this time more cartoony in style.

Music/Sounds: Vibey dance music (with a game-like melody and bouncy drum beats) plays when the characters dance, and then a horn sound.

Availability: Current. Debuted on Sesame Street: Mecha Builders.