Grammy Karaoke

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Logo: We see a pink background with an orange platform below with a standing microphone on top of it. Four characters of people, two parents with their children, who have the same blue hairstyle, walk from the sides of the screen. The boy has a yellow skateboard, kicking it away once the four are united. The screen cuts to an orange/aquamarine circle border on a white background with the family in the center. A brown clay then circles the border and draws in the text "GRAMMY", with the blue "KARAOKE" appearing below the circle. Two red musical notes appear in the sides. The family is then shown singing at the microphone.

Technique: Claymation.

Music/Sounds: An acapella group.

Availability: Common in Thailand; seen on their videoke releases.

Legacy: This is a very nostalgic logo for Thai people.

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