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Gozie Agbo, sometimes known in some places such as their website as simply AGBO, is a specialty film division of Anthony and Joe Russo's (of Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame and Community fame) production company AGBO Films (co-owned by Huayi Brothers Media Corporation). Gozie Agbo is also a pseudonym used by Joe Russo for his acting career. In January 2022, Nexon bought a 38% stake in the company.

Gozie Agbo

(January 21, 2018-)

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Logo: The logo starts off as a montage of mocked title cards with "GOZIE AGBO" (in big, capitalized lettering, in various styles) and "PRESENTS" (in small, spaced lettering, instead staying in the Helvetica-like font). The logo stops on a random title card design for each movie, with the byline "A Huayi Bros. Company" below.

  • On television shows, only a single title card design is seen.

Film Variants:

  • Assasination Nation: It cuts to the logo now forming from glowing orange lines, with "GOZIE AGBO" zooming in. The byline fades in.
  • Relic: A flashlight shines on the name in a yellow script on a green wall with a pattern of dark green symbols.
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once: The logo starts at the 50s horror-style title card and ends with an extended version of the magazine clippings.

Television Variants:

  • Deadly Class: On a black background, we see the purple text "GOZIE AGBO" with the smaller white word underneath "PRESENTS".
  • From: The 50s horror-style title card is seen, but it is desaturated.

Technique: The logo switching between different title card designs. This was done by Pentagram. For TV shows, none.

Music/Sounds: A fast-paced jazz music, ending in small reverb after the last snare hit. In most cases the opening theme of the movies/closing theme of the show is heard.

Availability: Seen on the aforementioned films and TV shows.


(February 26, 2021-)

Logo: On a black background, lines shine to form the metallic text "AGBO"

Variant: On their website, the logo continues shining on loop.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Citadel and the front page of their website.

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