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Descriptions by
Sagan Blob

Video captures courtesy of
TakingofPelhamify (TheUnknownLogoFan)


Good Universe was launched in 2012 by Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane as a full service production, financing, and global sales company. While the company started in 2012, it didn't produce a film until 2013. It is the successor to Mandate Pictures.

(November 1, 2013-)

Logo: On a black background, we see a closeup of a firework getting lit. The lit firework starts to write in the air, and as we zoom out it is revealed that the fireworks are being held by children, as the background changes to a blue evening sky and green hills. They write out the text "GOOD UNIVERSE" with their fireworks, and then it zooms out while the children run offscreen to the right. Finally, the children run across the screen from the left to the right, one of them still holding a firework that underlines the text.

Trivia: The children of the logo are the kids of Joe and Nathan.

Variant: On The House, the logo is lit up as colorful neon lights on a black background, like the variants for Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures and Gary Sanchez Productions on the same film.

Technique: 3D animation and live action blend. This was done by Picturemill in collaboration with its co-founders.

Music/Sounds: Fireworks sounds accompanied with a majestic fanfare. Otherwise, it uses the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on films released by the company like Last Vegas, Neighbors (retitled Bad Neighbours in Australia to avoid confusion with the soap opera of the same name), and The Night Before.

Legacy: It is widely considered a gorgeous and very creative logo.

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